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Switching tariff or energy suppliers can be one of the most effective ways to save money on your energy bills, by ensuring you are on the tariff that suits you best.


However, with a wide range of companies and tariffs available in the marketplace and considering that energy tariffs in general remain complex, it can be difficult to find the best deal.


The information here will not switch for you but will give you some helpful tips and important things to think about when you are considering switching suppliers for electricity or gas.


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Switching Supplier:  What to consider

Thinking of using a comparison site? 


If you want to use a comparison site to check tariffs and options, make sure you use one that meets Ofgem's  Code of Confidence, which ensures you get all the correct information and no nasty surprises. When looking to switch suppliers, apart from best price, also look for customer service, and paper billing options, if these are important to you.  Not all suppliers currently offer the warm homes discount, please take this into account when choosing your new supplier. If in doubt contact us for independent advice and support.


And remember, you can always contact us to talk more about your options. We can even help you switch over the phone.


For more information on Ofgem's Code of Confidence click here